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CA Documents

TrustAsia Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement for SM2 Global Trusted Service

February 05, 2024

Relying Party Agreement

Aug 25, 2020

Validation Resources

Oct 28, 2021

Privacy Policy

Mar 24, 2023

Audit Reports

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Name Public Key Fingerprint (SHA-256) Valid Until
TrustAsia Global Root CA G1 RSA 05:F8:2D:E4:B4:A9:ED:4B:7C:D1:F3:AC:E9:B7:3B:D6:DB:69:D8:78:16:DD:38:47:19:5C:F7:37:ED:29:51:E7 2045-08-26
TrustAsia Global Root CA G2 ECDSA 1D:F7:E8:B1:85:CA:46:57:8D:45:8D:05:12:98:54:FD:E3:2E:F1:E9:B3:6F:0B:96:96:3C:E3:8C:AE:AB:E4:BC 2045-08-26
TrustAsia Global Root CA G3 RSA E0:D3:22:6A:EB:11:63:C2:E4:8F:F9:BE:3B:50:B4:C6:43:1B:E7:BB:1E:AC:C5:C3:6B:5D:5E:C5:09:03:9A:08 2046-05-19
TrustAsia Global Root CA G4 ECDSA BE:4B:56:CB:50:56:C0:13:6A:52:6D:F4:44:50:8D:AA:36:A0:B5:4F:42:E4:AC:38:F7:2A:F4:70:E4:79:65:4C 2046-05-19